What´s in a complete Eye Exam?

Obtaining optimal vision, knowing your in good eye health, and being equipped with the necessary knowledge to reduce the risk os potential future problems.

Most common eye problems?

Dry eye, Ocular allerges, Viral infection, Cacterial infection

About your exam

Dilating your pupil, is it Worth it? Yes, it is!

For the doctor, it is the difference between looking in a room through a key hole, or looking through a window (dilated).

Most common eye problems?

Vitreous floaters, Retinal Holes, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma

Hig resolution photography

Permanet digital colored Picture of the retina for detail recording and future comparisons.

Most common eye problems?

Ocular migraines

Dry eye assesment

Chronic irritable eye with little or no improvement even with otc eye drops? It may be dry eyes. Waiting to get the proper assessment and appropriate treatment.