Progressive & single Vision Lens Brand Word Wide

Varilux empower your vision

Single Vision

Eyezen < Active + 0.84 (option fit, azio & India)

Essilor SV 360 coating on both sides of the lens (great also for night vision)

Essilor SV stylistic Lens with partial Mirrors

  • Color in Silver, Violet-Blue, Flash Gold, Blue-Green & Copper
  • Aspherical (AS) Spherical

Progressive Lens

Varilus Physio 3.0 fit

Varilus Physio 3.0 short & ultra short

Varilus Comforts DS

Varilus Comfort 3.0 fit, short & ultra short

Varilus Freedom DS

Varilus Freedom 3.0 fit, short & ultra short

Definity 3 fit short & short

Ovation DS fit

Ovations DS fit short & short

Essilor Biofit free Frame Fit

Material Coating
Plastic Crizal Prevencia
TL 1.74 Crizal sapphire 360 UV
TL 1.67 Crizal UV with Opitfog
TL 1.60 Crizal EC UV
Trexa Crizal Trio EC

Transitions Signature & Stylistic Colors

Transitions XTRActive

Transitions Vantage